Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Puppy or Dog

Look Before You Leap!

The next several posts will deal with issues  should consider when choosing a puppy or dog. This is such a big and personal decision! Since the average life span of a dog in the US is 12 years and the average duration of first marriages in the US is 7.8 years, the chances are pretty good that you will have your first dog longer than your first marriage. So your first question to “self” should be, am I willing to commit to this puppy or dog for its entire lifetime? In sickness and in health?

Issues we will look at are:

1. Energy Level and Exercise Requirements of Your Dog

Yours and his. Don’t be the couch potato with the hyperactive dervish of a dog or the jogger with a bulldog!

2. Grooming Requirements

Grooming may require a significant commitment in terms of time and money. Are you ready?

3. Affection

Is a velcro dog, who never lets you out of his sight, for you? Or maybe you want a bit less attention?

4. Train-ability

An attribute that is often overlooked but can be essential for a good fit.

5. Health Issues

If you are considering a purebred, familiarize yourself with what medical issues they may be prone to and the expenses that may be involved. If considering an older dog, recognize that age-related illnesses and expenses may increase.

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