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Remember War Dogs On Memorial Day

It’s not surprising that man’s best friend has assisted the military in many ways. Starting with WWI,dogs, mainly German Shepherds, have been used as scouts, trackers, sentries, and for the detection of mines and booby traps. The United States War Dogs Association tells the stories of these dogs who have been used in the military in […]

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Give Your Dog A Job – Not A Bone

I really enjoy getting involved with my community, which in this case is Austin, Texas.  And I find that my dogs do as well. They are very social, in fact much more social than I am. For them, volunteering  has become an important part of their work week.  It is truly something they enjoy and get excited […]

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Training – Sometimes Easy and Sometimes Not

Why is this Dog Smiling? Dogs enjoy training , if done right, and so should we. In fact, if we are able to develop, direct, and funnel a passion for learning then the chances are excellent that you will have a mutually rewarding relationship with your dog pal.  There was a time before anyone even […]

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How To “Play Nice” At The Dog Park

by Guest Writer – Tina Harper, a friend and accredited trainer here in Austin! I’m a big fan of dog parks – they have so much potential.  Think about it: doggie-topia!  Dogs to play with, a safe place to run and play, socialization galore with people and other dogs and a tired doggie to take […]

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Why You Should Visit Your Vet Just For Fun

Before you have to visit your vet out of necessity it is a good idea to just visit for the sake of visiting. I’ve had so many dogs who become emotional train-wrecks as soon as they see that they are even headed in the direction of the vet’s office.  I had one that actually pushed the […]

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Dog and Puppy Health Issues

Before bringing your new puppy or dog  home,  find a vet that you feel comfortable working with.  Hopefully you won’t be seeing him often but you want someone with whom you have a rapport, whom you trust, whose bedside manner you like and is convenient to home.  Get a “well puppy” check at your vet’s […]

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Affectionate Puppies and the Not So Affectionate

Some dogs, like people, are more affectionate than others and some breeds are notorious for expressing their affection more openly than others.  Most people, especially those who have grown up with dogs, consider this one of the primary reasons for having a dog.  They feel free expressing this love as well as being the object […]

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Dog Hair:Dos and Don’ts to Live By

Grooming requirements can vary. But routine maintenance should include ear cleaning, nail trimming, teeth brushing, bathing and brushing.  It is a good idea to get your puppy accustomed to the types of handling that they may encounter while being groomed, as well as when they go to the vet.  Both your vet and your groomer will thank you profusely if […]

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Your Dog’s Energy Level and Exercise Requirements

As a trainer, I often deal with mismatches. The huge, energetic dog with no manners and a small, demure owner is a frequent mismatch. Another is the brilliant dog who really needs a job and the owner who is a couch potato. Or the athlete who has a Chihuahua and would like to take him […]

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