Three Bath Time Tips You’ve Never Heard

When bathing your dog, are you prepared for that inevitable shake from nose to tail that soaks you and leaves you smelling “doggy?”

Is your dog anxious to get out of the tub?

Are you afraid of getting suds in his eyes?

Three Creative Solutions

  • To forestall that inevitable sudsy shake, when you see the first signs of a shake coming, grab your dog’s ear and squeeze gently. It stops the shake immediately.
  • Keep them happily occupied in the tub by using some processed cheese or peanut butter around the edge of the tub. The squirt cans are great for this. If placed strategically, you can actually get them to turn around to get to the other side.
  • Of course using a non-stinging shampoo is great, but if you don’t have that handy, a little smear of vaseline above the eye prevents the water and suds from getting in their eyes.

So what’s stopping you? If you are afraid of your large wet dog running around the house and shaking, there is a solution for that too. Check these “Towel Togs” out.

So grab that shampoo, lather, rinse and enjoy a snuggle with your  freshly bathed pooch!

Photo Credit: Shina on flickr

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