How To Train Your Dog Without a Trainer

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a trainer so I am certainly not suggesting you train alone. But the fact is, not everyone can attend a class for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons for not taking a class are:

  • Cost- Generally around $125-$175 varying regionally
  • Time- Usually once a week for 6-8 weeks
  • Proximity- If you live remotely or in a small town classes may not be nearby

What is one to do then?

Best Sources For Quality Training DVD’s and Books

Aside from attending seminars, my  favorite sources for keeping up with the ever changing dog training scene are and  Tawzer Dog Videos.


You simply can’t go wrong when looking for training solutions and inspiration if you browse They are well established, provide fabulous service,  and are dedicated to providing helpful information on humane training. Striving to be on the cutting edge of training methods and science, they have published their own DVD’s and books. Their site is very well organized and they even have categories for the professional trainer. I have never left their site without ordering more than I intended though. You might even decide to look into Agility, Freestyle or Flyball. They have the largest collection of books on even very specialised topics. One of my favorite categories is  “Play and Games“.

Tawzer Video

Alta and George Tawzer have been in the video business for 25 years and it shows. They attend the lectures and seminars of trainers promoting positive dog training and they have available DVD’s of some of the very best speakers in the country.

Books and DVD’s are available for a huge range of topics. Clicker Training, Canine Body Language, Shelter Issues, Training and Behavior Issues are just some of the areas that are widely represented. If you are undertaking training your dog on your own and haven’t had much experience socializing your dog, check out Sarah Kalnajs’ DVD “Dog Communication Signals.” It is very hard to describe some of the signals dogs are sending us and photos give us an incomplete picture as well.  But this DVD has clips that clearly show you many examples of the sometimes subtle signals our canines give off. And if you are training on your own I think this is one area that often gets overlooked. For safety reason it shouldn’t be.

Whether you are training your family dog to be a good companion or are more interested in dog sports like agility, rally, or skateboarding you will be able to find something at this site. I have my personal favorites, but the emphasis of the Tawzer’s has always been on positive training so you really can’t go wrong. If you are interested  in a bit more theory you can’t go wrong with DVD’s from Pia Silvani, Patricia McConnell, Dr. Ian Dunbar, and Kathy Sdao. Behavior problems  ranging from obsessive compulsive disorder, to separation anxiety and everything in between are well represented by books and DVD’s.

Photo Credit: ehfisher on flickr

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