Ten Tips For a Successful “Take Your Dog To Work Day”

This Friday, June 25th is Take your Dog to Work Day!

Yep. It’s that time of year again. Hard to believe this is the eleventh year for “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” Here are some tips to make this day a success for you, your dog, your colleagues, and even your boss.

  • Check with your boss and colleagues to make sure everyone is OK with this. Be sure to find out who else will be bringing their dog and whether there are any issues. Be honest about your dog’s issues.
  • This should be a fun day for ALL concerned — not just you and your dog. Keep in mind that not everyone likes dogs and some people are downright frightened of them. Be respectful of their feelings.
  • Plan to meet outside the office at a specified time. Take a walk together. This will tire them out a bit. They will also feel more comfortable getting acquainted outside, with plenty of room, and on neutral territory.
  • Bring a quiet toy to occupy them. Avoid squeaker toys. Avoid rawhide, bones and other cherished possessions. Some dogs just don’t like to share at all, but most dogs get overly possessive with bones and rawhide.
  • Bring a bed, crate, or blanket.
  • It is best not to feed them at the office.  If you feel you must, have small treats available that are semi-moist and not crumbly. You don’t want to leave crumbs behind.
  • Bring your own water bowl. Allow access only on non-porous surfaces away from computers and electrical sources.
  • Remember that your dog is excited to be there and will need more frequent potty breaks.
  • When dogs are excited they “blow” their coats and often loose significant amounts of hair. So, find that handheld vacuum, a sticky roller to pick up hair, or just some tape.
  • Bring a camera. There are sure to be some photo opportunities for the company newsletter.

A final reminder: June 25th is still a work day, so be sure to complete your work. But with your pal by your side, you are sure to work more happily and efficiently.

Do you have any stories about your dog’s day at work, we would love it if you left a comment below. Was it your idea? Did your boss go for it immediately? Not at all?



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