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How Can Autistic Kids and Dogs Work Together?

Children who have “autism spectrum disorder” often have difficulty making friends, expressing their needs verbally,understanding personal space and making eye contact. And with the entire summer looming before them, the end of the school year can mark a difficult time for the families of these children. Traditional camp environments are overwhelming for these kids and […]

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What Are Head Halters Used For?

Let’s face it – those head halters are simply ugly! They are often mistaken for muzzles which frightens people away when we are actually trying to socialize a rambunctious puppy! Someone really needs to come up with more attractive designs along the lines of the decorative collars we see. Appearances aside, head collars or halters, […]

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A Car For Your Dog

My friend Patti chuckled as she slid into the passenger’s seat. It was a knowing chuckle. Definitely an “I am laughing with you” sort of chuckle as opposed to an “I am laughing at you” sort. She is a dog person as well and as such understood inherently upon accepting a ride that a bit […]

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Top Five Reasons You Can’t Train Your Dog

It is not always the case, but often our dog’s failures are really our own misunderstanding of how they learn. Look closely at what you are doing. Generally, it is not that our dog’s aren’t learning. They are just not learning what we intended to teach them. The five top reasons are: 1. You don’t […]

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