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She’s One Hot French DJ’ing Dog

I expect we will see this girl’s name at the top of the Top 100 DJ’ing dogs. What do you think? Thumbs up?

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Truckers Volunteer To Move Pets Across Country is donating $9,000 of dog related gifts to Operation Roger this week. And what is Operation Roger? Operation Roger is based in Joshua, Texas and is a non-profit that was started to help rescue animals move across country to their new homes.  Dedicated truckers volunteer to make this happen. As an advocate for rescue […]

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Does Your Dog Yawn When You Do?

Many people feel that their dogs empathize with them when they are sick or troubled. But now there is scientific evidence to support this! This is really an important breakthrough for lots of reasons and if nothing else should convince the skeptics out there that there is at least a possibility that our dogs empathize. […]

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World’s First Ice Cream Truck For Dogs

This is too cute not to post about! I don’t think you will be begging for a lick of his cone, but what a great idea. London’s Regents Park will have a pet festival this Saturday with some great attractions, but what really caught my eye was this van.  At the Boomerang Pet Party this […]

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Why You Should Adopt An Older Dog

When I am within 6 feet of puppy breath my brain turns to oatmeal. I know what it is like to crave the smell of puppy breath and to yearn for those rough and tumble puppy shenanigans and frankly I am in throes at this very moment of full blown puppy yearning. I have a […]

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How To Get A Dog Park Started In Your Neighborhood

If visions of dog parks dance in your head this would be a good time to act on them. Many people are finding that because of changes in leash laws, finding a place outdoors to share quality time with their dogs is becoming more and more difficult. So if you are community minded as well […]

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Games For Fido’s Nose

Your dog may not have any bloodhound in him but I can assure you that whatever breed or mix he is, his sense of smell is better than yours! But how can we make use of this skill and develop it? Easy. Nose games and activities that reward him for following his olfactory sense.

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Morris Animal Foundation and Betty White Team Up

  Apparently like many of us here at and our parent company Calendar Club, Betty White works so that she can do some good for the animals. Her recent surge in popularity has led her to pose for a very special calendar.   The proceeds of this endeavor will go to the Morris Animal Foundation.  The […]

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The Why And How Of Crate Training

As a trainer I have probably received more effusive “thank you thank you thank you’s” for convincing clients to use a crate than for any other bit of information I have provided. People who have been on the brink of giving up have managed to turn things around using a crate appropriately as well people […]

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How Your Dog Makes Sense Of Scents

What does your dog have in common with Jennifer Lopez? Perhaps an awful lot. Lopez once said “I judge people by how they smell, not by how they look.” I’m not saying Lopez is a dog, but she certainly shares this attitude with them. And this gift of smell may account for why we sometimes […]

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