Rescue Ink – An Animal Rescue Group With Real Attitude

Rescue Ink is a rescue group that is, as they claim,  not for your mother! This is a NYC based group with massive amounts of attitude, whose purpose is not just to rescue animals of many species, but to educate people about animal abuse and neglect.

While writing the post about Operation Roger, which is an animal transport group based here in Texas , I became aware of the Animal Rescue Flights group which is another non-profit group of private pilots donating their time and planes to transport rescued animals across the country. They worked with Rescue Ink on a particularly heart rending case.  And that is how I became aware of this organization.  However, they have had quite a bit of press in the past.
This is a , how shall I say it, a very “colorful” group of volunteers.  They have attitude. And they proudly proclaim it. As their home page states “This Ain’t Your Mother’s Rescue Group.” They are a group of rather intimidating looking guys , well muscled and well tattooed. And they have a distinct philosophy that they are ready to share with everyone. These  guys feel they have been given a second chance and all animals deserve the same opportunity. They have rescued over 1000 animals  ranging  from chickens, to dogs, to horses. Incidentally, I learned quite a bit from reading about one of their rescued colts.  There are, essentially, the equivalent of puppy mills in the horse world. For an eye-opening look at how the horse industry works read the story of Neveah and Adajio.

It appears that most of their fundraising events  are in the New York area, which is unfortunate because I would love to attend one.  On October 29th , they are having their First Annual Rescue Ink Foundation Halloween Fund Raiser. An expected crowd of 1,000 people will have the opportunity to mingle with many luminaries, and will also be treated to some fine entertainment ranging from tarot card readers to  the finest tattoo artists, to fire dancers and live music.

After talking to people involved in these rescue groups that I have recently written about I am reminded  that it takes many, many people to make these rescue efforts successful. It takes people from all over the country, with all sorts of backgrounds, politics, and attitudes to make it happen!

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4 Responses to “Rescue Ink – An Animal Rescue Group With Real Attitude”

  1. Kelly 10. Aug, 2010 at 12:23 pm #

    Came here from Two Little Cavalier’s feature on you!

    Fantastic story! I’ve not been able to see Rescue Ink yet ( I’d love to but it is on a “pay channel” so we don’t get it ;-( But I understand the premise and it was great to read about them! (I’ll be heading to their website) I volunteer at an animal shelter in the Northeast and weekly we receive transports from TN, VA, PR…the people who work to rescue the animals often from kill-shelters or from the streets, and the transporters who care for them and get them all the way to us so we can adopt them out are amazing. Companion Pet Rescue is one of the groups that transport to us and they are wonderful! God Bless for spreading the word ;-)
    Kelly & Crew

  2. Kathleen 10. Aug, 2010 at 9:36 pm #

    I plan on getting Kee’s & Tessa’s paws inked on me at some point~I’m going to take a paint print of their paw, and reduce it. Not sure where I’ll put them yet…but I think I’ll make a rescue donation when I do.

  3. Get Real 16. Aug, 2010 at 12:21 pm #

    Get real these scammers are as fake as can be. They do nothing ,half left to start thier own con artist group called “guardians of rescue” how lame can you get?
    Wise up these fat imbeciles only wanted a reality show and it took nat geo a few weeks to see through them and cancel it
    They are FAKE they exploit the real issue of animal cruelty GET REAL

  4. Elizabeth Deitz 16. Aug, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    You have a point about Rescue Ink. They are certainly controversial. National Geographic did in fact cancel the show but it ran for at least one season and National Geographic sells a DVD set covering their first season. I am not aware of any explanation as to why they canceled the show though.
    I agree that that they are probably overly zealous in their pursuit of media attention and that some of their antics are geared just to get attention. But, hey, on the other hand, we are at least talking about rescue. Correct? And they have done some worthy things of late. For instance, in June a Rottweiler was shot while defending his home. The dog’s owner was shot to death and the Rottweiler was shot as well. The New York police rushed him to a vet, and he pulled through the surgery, though he lost a leg. Rescue Ink took the dog in and agreed to rehabilitate him. Whatever their motivation, at least “Thunder” as the Rottweiler is called, benefitted from their involvement. And National Geographic claims that they have saved thousands of lives. But, by all means, if you have more information from reliable sources I ‘d love to follow up!

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