Q: What Do You Do About Bedbugs? A: Get A Beagle

More and more stories are appearing about the prevalence  and increase of bedbugs in the US .  New York City has even set aside a half million dollars to deal with the pesky pests who have infested the Empire State Building, a theater, a district attorney’s office, and even an upscale lingerie store. Is nothing sacred?

A New Job For Dogs

So what does all this mean for dogs? We are all aware of a dogs  olfactory sense. They have a great track record in drug, termite and bomb detection, and are even being used to detect certain medical conditions. And now we can add another job to this list as they are considered the most effective way to detect bedbugs.

Bergdorf  Goodmanfor example, has apparently learned a lesson or two from Abercrombie & Fitch, and Victoria’s Secret, and  has been proactive. Apollo, the bedbug sniffing Beagle, makes evening rounds in the store. Fortunately, Apollo has so far found no evidence of the creatures.

Just A New York Problem?

While New York seems to be particularly hard hit, are there other regions similarly affected?

According to The Week there has been a 100% increase in calls to exterminators in Houston and nationwide calls are up nearly 60%.

Find A Team

The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association has a list of certified dog and handler teams that may be available in your area. The list is disturbingly short, and has less than 100 certified teams,  in approximately 15 states.

How Your Dog Makes Sense Of Scents

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