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Is Your Dog Your Best Friend?

Would he go this far? Take the rap for you? Photo Credit: Source Unknown

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“How Do I Change My Dog’s Behavior?”

That is what training is, isn’t it? Effecting change on behavior. But what actually motivates your dog enough to make a change? Change is hard for everyone, even your dog or maybe especially your dog. I would like to believe that my dogs would change because they love and adore me and want to please […]

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Train Your Dog To Watch You

I love it when my dog checks in with me and makes eye contact. Can’t get enough. I consider “watch me” a core behavior and find that it is a handy behavior to have on cue as it can stop unwanted behavior. It is a way to redirect your dog’s attention. For example, imagine being in the […]

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Save Money On Dog Toys

I’m not talking about making them yourself. Or buying by the gross. This is even better and  is such a simple idea. A few days ago I was getting ready for some serious company – the sort that swipe their finger over the top of the refrigerator searching for dust. Of course I picked up […]

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Puggy Wins And Sets Guinness World Record!

Strange but funny video of Puggy The Pekingese!

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Using Your Dog’s Waste As A Power Source

Having multiple dogs I am always interested in hearing how others deal with dog issues, and especially the issue of picking up after them. I don’t rank it as one of my favorite chores – yet. But if doing it actually saved me money and powered say, my refrigerator, I would feel differently about it. […]

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You Know You Are A “Dog Mom” When …

You probably already know who you are, but if you have any doubts about your friends or family you might send them this just to clarify. Without further ado… You Know You Are A Dog Mom when… You call your dog your “significant other” Your dog’s accessories are Gucci and yours are Target You have […]

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Why Is Tommy Lee Jones Mentioned On A Dog Blog?

Frankly, it is just an excuse to be able to show you this fun video! So, Happy Birthday Tommy, and everyone else born September 15th. Enjoy!

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BlogPaws Conference Speaker Mike Arms Offered Quality Content and Hope For Animal Shelters

Kudos to those who organized the BlogPaws West event in Denver. It was well run, well attended, and offered many speakers with differing opinions as well as areas of expertise. It was a successful trip all around. Not only did I get to meet some incredible people, to whom I will introduce  you over the […]

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Top Training Treats

Below are the Top Training Treats in my dog’s humble opinion.  I am not saying these are necessarily  “healthy eating choices”  but after multiple taste tests this is what Cookie came up with. The Taste Test How did this taste-testing work? While Cookie was out of sight and behind a closed door I stacked  small […]

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