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A Dog Trick Video Unlike Any Other!

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’?  “Shake” and “roll over” just not doing it for you anymore?  This video and music will make you smile and inspire you as well.  And best of all, the training was done using “clicker training.” Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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Should You Really Hug Your Dog Today?

You are probably thinking to yourself  “of course I should hug my dog today, what a silly question.” But surprisingly, maybe it really isn’t such a good idea after all. As a trainer I often deal with miscommunications between people and their dogs.  Think of how many miscommunications we have with our own species and […]

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Take A Look At These Puppies!

In early puppy-hood my dogs, like many others, enjoyed nothing so much as a good ol’ chew on a good ol’ shoe. Frequently that turned out to be my favorite pair, but finally someone learned better.  And I was at last fully trained to pick up my shoes and not leave them sitting temptingly around […]

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It’s Our Birthday Gift To You!

We are six months old! And like any six-month-old, we have learned a lot about the world – in this case the blogging world. To celebrate we are offering FREE SHIPPING when you use the coupon code HAPPYBDAY at This will be good until November 8th only so take advantage of it to buy […]

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What Your Method of Dog Training May Say About You

What style dog training do you do? Have you ever wondered what this might say about  your relationship with your dog? This was a question that plagued Jessica Greenebaum before she did her research. She is with the Sociology Department of the Central Connecticut University. Her research compared the two most popular methods of training […]

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Dog Walking and Wise Words

I have three dogs and each has a distinct take on the relevance of exercise to their life. I have one that finds it an adventure everyday, in every way and can’t wait to get out there and sniff the morning air. And then I have one who just can’t be bothered – really, what’s the point? And one who […]

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Pool Playing Pitbull

This guy has talent! I wonder if he could give me some pointers.

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“How Do I Stop My Dog From Going Crazy When The Doorbell Rings?”

Sudden ear-piercing, non-stop barking, charging the door, and acting like a maniac. Does this describe your dog when the doorbell rings? Doorbell = Dinner Approach This common problem is relatively easy to deal with by teaching a behavior or response that is incompatible with that craziness. If your puppy is very young, you can start […]

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Mice Can Detect Avian Flu. Can Dogs?

  At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society a paper was presented showing that  trained mice were exceptional at detecting the bird flu among ducks and with an amazing success rate!  There are three aspects of the story that fascinate me. Trained mice are more accurate  than any instruments yet developed to detect this flu Species-jumping diseases […]

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Love Dogs? This Is A Must Read

One of the biggest treats I encountered at BlogPaws,  in addition to the fabulously interesting people I met, was a book we were all given in our “swag bag.” I will read almost anything dog related or animal related but have had a dry spell of late and just haven’t read any dog-related novels that […]

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