Love Dogs? This Is A Must Read

One of the biggest treats I encountered at BlogPaws,  in addition to the fabulously interesting people I met, was a book we were all given in our “swag bag.” I will read almost anything dog related or animal related but have had a dry spell of late and just haven’t read any dog-related novels that I have loved. The dry spell is over at last! A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron was a complete joy and a surprise. It is written in the “first person” and is the story of one dog’s quest to find the meaning of life. It is entertaining, endearing, insightful and thought provoking. Over the course of several lives we hear, from a dog’s point of view,  how a dog may think and feel about our sometimes peculiar and often confusing human behavior. The protagonist’s search over the course of several lifetimes will likely resonate if you have ever wondered what your purpose in life is. Have you ever felt, just when you have everything figured out, it all changes? So goes it with this dog as he passes from one life to the next. 

If you enjoy Bill Bryson or Dave Barry you will probably enjoy Mr. Cameron’s style as well. His blog is great. The National Society Of Newspaper Columnists has thought enough of his writing to vote him, not once but twice, the number one humor columnist. This man “gets” dogs. On his blog he writes -

“I can’t promise you that A Dog’s Purpose will make you love your dog more—how could it do that. But I’ll tell you what a lot of people have told me: after reading A Dog’s Purpose, you’ll never look at your dog the same way again.”

I’ve spent a lifetime loving dogs but somehow this book has changed the way I love them. This man is funny. The writing is wonderful. The message is profound. And if you are prepared for a seismic shift in the way you view your canine friend read A Dog’s Purpose.

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