Dog Walking and Wise Words

I have three dogs and each has a distinct take on the relevance of exercise to their life. I have one that finds it an adventure everyday, in every way and can’t wait to get out there and sniff the morning air. And then I have one who just can’t be bothered – really, what’s the point? And one who won’t budge from the couch under any circumstances though will give it serious consideration if pot roast is dangled before his nostrils.

Walking Wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs and the Search for a Happy Life

Gotham Chopra’s new book,,written with his father, Deepak, a grand pooh-bah and guru to millions, was just the book I needed to remind me what walking with your dog is all about. It isn’t about the distance covered.  It isn’t about exercise.  Granted, I don’t have Gotham’s father, Deepak Chopra to bounce ideas off while on my walks, but one of the lessons of this book is about being in the moment whether it is with your dog or without.  Gotham Chopra is a great storyteller and through his stories about the dogs in his life and his family he has quite a bit to say about loyalty, devotion  and forgiveness, all things that dogs have in abundance. A portion of the proceeds, through arrangement with Halo Dog Food, will go to which over the years has raised over 287 tons of kibble for shelter dogs and cats.

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