Take A Look At These Puppies!

In early puppy-hood my dogs, like many others, enjoyed nothing so much as a good ol’ chew on a good ol’ shoe. Frequently that turned out to be my favorite pair, but finally someone learned better.  And I was at last fully trained to pick up my shoes and not leave them sitting temptingly around on the floor. For what seemed like a very long time, my puppy believed that if it was on the floor, I must have left it there for him. I can see how a dog could get confused as to what is his when it is on the floor and what is ours.  Here are some shoes that I fear we would end up fighting over.

Kobi Levi is a designer of shoes, most which are slightly goofy or humorous. To see many more styles, all with a twist, check out Kobi Levi.

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