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What Is The Best Gift For A Puppy?

Socialization - A Time Sensitive Gift To Your Puppy Many of us will find ourselves giving gifts to our dogs and puppies this holiday season. But if you have a puppy or will be getting one soon, please consider giving the very inexpensive but  most important gift of all – early and appropriate socialization. This is […]

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A Bulldog’s Wish For You

While poking around last week for Black Friday sales I came across some interesting advice from “Dear Fabby.” Fabby is an entertaining girl with some good suggestions in the form of a photovid and I tweeted about it.  It turns out that was only the tip of the iceberg! More on that later, but first […]

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Practice Makes Perfect – How To Train Almost Anything

Such a simple saying, but oh so important when you are sharing your life with a dog! Looking carefully at what I allow my dogs to do vs. what I ask them to do, it is clear that they spend much more time doing as they please, rather than doing as I please.  It is […]

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This is Adopt-a-Senior Month and You Can Help

 The month is slipping by and I can’t let it go by without trying to bring some attention and awareness to “Adopt-A-Senior Month.” Finding the perfect dog can be difficult and confusing. When we go to a shelter we are frequently drawn to the puppies. They are irresistibly cute as are those rambunctious teenagers. But, […]

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Mass Saiga Death and The Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund

Dogs are my species of choice, but I am interested in all animals and when I come across an interesting, controversial, or thought provoking story I like to share it. And here is a good one. Betty White’s 2011 Calendar and The Saiga Antelope Isn’t it odd, and fortuitous, that Betty White’s resurgence of popularity […]

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How To Change Your Dog’s Behavior in 3 Easy Steps

When I begin a new class I always ask my students what their most pressing problems are.  In puppy classes, these are pretty predictable, but in my more advanced classes and my “growly dog” classes there is more variety. Often I find that though I am addressing different problems in these different classes, my advice […]

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How To Prepare Your Dog For The Groomer

If you are thinking of taking your puppy or dog to the groomer for the first time, there are some things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable. After all, there are quite a few sights, sounds, sensations and smells that he may never have encountered before and this can upset even the […]

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How and Why To Use A Power Tool For Your Dog’s Nails

The top 5 reasons you should use a power rotary tool to trim your dog’s nails! 1) It causes less discomfort or outright pain for the dog. This leads to less stress for you and your dog. 2) It avoids cutting into the quick which can lead to a potential blood bath. 3) Over time, […]

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Newborn Bulldog Puppies!

My friend just had a litter of eight beautiful Bulldog puppies and I thought I would share this video of a few of them nursing away…while their sister has had a bellyful already and just can’t be disturbed despite all the pushing and showing. Too cute!

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Is My Dog Smart?

Dog intelligence is a difficult thing to measure and is also a difficult thing to talk about, especially if you have one of those breeds that isn’t even close to the top of any one’s list of intelligent dogs. IQ Tests Even though we have been at it since 1904, we have not established a universally accepted IQ […]

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