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Top 2011 Resolution: Get Fit With Fido

I planned today on reporting my success or failure in the keeping of my 2010 resolutions. However I,like many, have forgotten what those might have been.  It is hard to  believe another year has passed so quickly and  I like the way  Dave Barry expresses his wonderment of this: “Aside from velcro, time is the […]

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How Many Words Does Your Dog Know?

I was “wowed” when I saw some years ago a demonstration of a Border Collie named Rico who recognized the names of over 200 toys. In one experiment the owner was in a room, and the objects in another, thus preventing the owner from giving other visual cues to the dog. He correctly retrieved an amazing 37 out […]

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Dogs, Cats and Ferrets Sing Jingle Bells

For your seasonal entertainment, a vast array of animals, including a turtle and a ferret sing Jingle Bells!

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Tweet With Your Dog and Live Longer

Occasionally writing this blog takes me to some weird places and this was one such occasion. It seems that science supports the notion that e-interactions and canine interactions may be as affective as “real” relationships in helping us to live longer and more happily.  Social Connections and Health It has been well-documented that low levels of social interaction […]

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Is This Dog Crossing It Eyes?

This trick is a little creepy, but pretty cool. Some say it is fake, but whether it is or not it brings up a good training question. How would one train that? I’ll admit that I have never even thought of training a dog to cross its eyes, but I can imagine how it might […]

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Dogs, Truffles and Sex

A little bit of science, a little bit of history, and of course dogs. There is a set of steroids produced by boars which is found in their saliva before mating and which sows find very, very attractive in boy boars. Can you guess where two of the 16 steroids found in boar saliva are also […]

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How To Keep Your Dog or Puppy Safe During The Holidays

  Hidden Holiday Dangers The holiday season offers abundant opportunities for your dog or puppy to wreak havoc and, in the process, hurt themselves. Though many of the dangers are obvious, there are a few that can easily be overlooked.  For instance,years ago we made a hasty Christmas Eve trip to the vet after we discovered […]

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How To Be Happy This Holiday Season

Volunteer It’s a fact. Volunteering will make YOU happier and healthier – not to mention the effect you may have on someone  else. It brings about physiological and psychological changes. It eases pain.  Study after study proves this. And all these good feelings are known collectively as “helper’s high.” But, like jogging or walking, we […]

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How To Plan A Unique (Dog) Holiday Party

‘Tis the season isn’t it, where it seems that it is one party after another. And they all start to run together, don’t they? So why not plan a holiday party with a theme that is likely to set your party apart! Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in having invited their “family” and with […]

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How To Play Chase With Your Dog

A Natural Favorite It is natural that dogs should like a game of  chase because in their distant past their survival depended on their ability to chase prey. Those who were not good at this “game” went hungry. While most dogs like a good fast game of chase, it is best to limit it to them chasing […]

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