How To Be Happy This Holiday Season


It’s a fact. Volunteering will make YOU happier and healthier – not to mention the effect you may have on someone  else. It brings about physiological and psychological changes. It eases pain.  Study after study proves this. And all these good feelings are known collectively as “helper’s high.”

But, like jogging or walking, we know it is good for us but it is so hard to get started. And if Wonders & Worries hadn’t come knocking on my door so to speak, I would not be writing this.

Opie Visiting At Wonders & Worries Party

Wonders & Worries

My own involvement with volunteering came to a screeching halt with the unexpected death of my Delta Pet Partner, Daisy. Shortly after that my father entered hospice. I have been pretty wrapped up in my own worries but when Wonders & Worries contacted me about bringing my new friend Opie, Daisy’s sister, a Bulldog, to their Holiday Party I jumped at the chance.  Attending this party reminded me that, though I am losing my father who is 91 years old, many young children are trying to deal with losing their very young parents. Wonders & Worries supports the entire family and helps children by providing age-appropriate counseling. Free. Yes, they receive the benefit of professional help, totally free,  individually or in groups.  These certified Child Life Specialists focus on children who are dealing with the illness, treatment or death of a parent.  It is hard to believe, but there is no other organization in the country that does this for free. Austin is so lucky to have this resource.

There are many organizations that would welcome you and your dog as volunteers. A good place to begin to explore the possibilities is through Delta Society.

So what did Opie do at the party? Nothing really.  She was just there to be hugged on and kissed. And of course to see Santa and give him her list!

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3 Responses to “How To Be Happy This Holiday Season”

  1. Michelle 09. Dec, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    What a WONDERFUL post! I love the idea – just thinking about volunteering has my “pitch in and help” juices flowing. But to be able to help for such a worthy and little-known organization! I’m signing up!

  2. Laura 09. Dec, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    Elizabeth, you are a gem. We are blessed to have you and Opie as volunteers at Wonders & Worries. Words can’t describe the transformation on kiddo’s faces when they spend time with you two. Thank you!

  3. Sage 09. Dec, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    Once retired, I waited a little while until the right volunteer opportunity came along. It’s been very fulfilling and keeps me quite active (along with blogging, yoga, pilates, and related activities).

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