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Teaching Your Dog to Say Hello Politely When On Leash – Or Speed Dating For Dogs!

You are walking peacefully in the park, when you spot a strange dog dragging his owner towards you in an apparent attempt to meet and greet your dog. Not wanting to seem rude, you let the scene play out. And it ends in lunging, snarling and snapping. What could you have done differently and why […]

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Funny, New Dog Video

I try to keep an eye out for new, funny, and worthy dog videos. This one features some very talented Border Terriers and their very talented trainer.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I was slightly alarmed this morning after reading the dog-related headlines, especially The Week’s headline – Why Loving Your Dog Too Much Is Dangerous. Previously I thought of myself as one of those fringe people, the canine parent equivalent of the “helicopter parent” but I never thought of it as particularly dangerous. I do sleep […]

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A Multi-Dog Household Story

Michelle Stark, author, good friend and proud bulldog Momma continues the saga of her growing family. Are two dogs better than one? If the work increases exponentially, does the fun increase as well? Oh What We Thought We Knew With Puppy Number Two After my husband and I married, we added another bulldog puppy to […]

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Dogs Don’t Lie About Size!

  If I were inclined to fight over a bone, which I am not, I would probably want to know the size of the brute I’d be taking on. After all, with a really delectable and much loved bone I might be willing to take on someone my own size or smaller, but a Schwarzenegger-sized opponent might […]

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What Can I Do About a Neighbor’s Barking Dog?

  I use TweetDeck to keep up with Twitter, or at least attempt to keep up. And every day I see comments, usually filled with expletives, about neighbors with barking dogs.  It seems to be an epidemic. And just one barking dog can destroy the peace and quiet of an entire neighborhood. Not to mention driving them […]

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What You Can Learn About Parenting From Puppy Parenting First

 Michelle Stark, author, good friend and proud bulldog Momma, writes lovingly about  her learning experiences and how they relate to learning about your “partner” and your relationship. As you will read below, Tank was her first born. She is now the happy mother of three bulldogs including a 12 week  old puppy. I’m interested in learning […]

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Freud, Your Dog and You

This time of year we reflect on the past, and make great plans for the future. As I was pondering the past year, my curiosity about the “past” of “pet therapy” was sparked. Poking around a bit, I came across some interesting stories about the roots of “animal assisted therapy.” On The Couch Freud apparently […]

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