What Can I Do About a Neighbor’s Barking Dog?


I use TweetDeck to keep up with Twitter, or at least attempt to keep up. And every day I see comments, usually filled with expletives, about neighbors with barking dogs.  It seems to be an epidemic. And just one barking dog can destroy the peace and quiet of an entire neighborhood. Not to mention driving them crazy.

Approach Your Neighbor

It is quite possible that your neighbor is totally unaware of the problem.  Assume that this is so when you approach him. This is information that he may not have, and he may be apologetic, mortified,  and as anxious to solve the problem as you are. Then again, maybe not. 

If you cannot bring yourself to speak directly to them, consider leaving a polite note on their door.

Use Tact and Diplomacy

It is probably best to approach your neighbor when the dog is quiet and you are not angry. Introduce yourself  in a friendly and relaxed manner and begin by assuming that they are unaware of the problem. If you have been observant and notice a pattern to the barking, this would be helpful for the owner.  Is it predictable?  Usually excessive barking occurs from boredom.  Does it only occur on weekends? During the day? Suggest that the dog spend less time outside or alone. Perhaps a dog sitter or dog walker could be found.  Find a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in your area and see if your neighbor is open to contacting them and arranging a consultation. Providing more stimulating toys and changing them out frequently might also help. More exercise on a regular basis could help. Work together to find a solution. Remember what your goals are and remain calm in pursuing them. Be prepared to walk away rather than lose your cool if you must.

If All Else Fails

A bad relationship with a neighbor can make your life a living hell.  These are fragile relationships, and you may end up being neighbors for a very long time. But when all else fails contact your local animal control organization, local police, or property owner’s association.

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