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The Joy of Inter – species Friendship

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” – George Eliot As dog lovers, we frequently have emotional encounters with another species. We’ve probably had plenty of experience interpreting animal behavior in the same way we interpret our own. When my dogs come running at me with their squeaker […]

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Doing Too Much For Your Dog?

It is a strange question, but I have been wondering whether one can do too much for one’s dog.  It came to mind as I was reading a series of studies done with a multitude of species showing that many animals actually prefer , or choose, to work for for food rather than just receive […]

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Does Your Dog Have Selective Hearing?

I occasionally find myself checking my dog’s ears for carrots. Something must be making them deaf, I think to myself, because I know they know what “here” means. I have trained it carefully. For years. And proofed it in all kinds of situations. So what is the problem? Usually the problem is just too much. […]

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Adding Another Dog – Is Three a Crowd?

Guest blogger, Michelle Stark, writes honestly and lovingly about her experience of adding yet another Bulldog to the mix.  She also touches on a topic I think of often as I have two older dogs who are, strangely, very bonded with one another. And I do mean strangely as it is sometimes a love/hate relationship. […]

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Dog Training The Very Easy Way

There are times, for instance the post-prandial holiday crash, when you simply don’t feel like getting up off the couch. As I was enjoying a bit of peace after a recent deluge of  family and friends, my dogs decided that they just weren’t in the mood.  As sometimes happens, my life has been busier than […]

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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

There are great ways to have fun with your dog on this special day. Try to spend some extra quality time with your loved one but also take a moment and read the “Ten Commandments For Dog Owners.” I wish I knew who wrote it so I could attribute it to them. I always take […]

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Rappin’ Dog Video

If you need a good laugh, watch this funny dog video!You don’t need to be a Basset lover to appreciate this.

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Changing a Dog’s Bad Behavior – Will It Work?

I have been thinking about learning a new skill lately, specifically using the keyboard without looking at my fingers, which I am doing right now – slowly. I have been typing while looking at my fingers for a long time and it is really a struggle to resist the temptation to take a peek. How […]

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Bringing Baby Home

The big day has arrived and you are wondering exactly how it is going to go and how best to make the introductions of your baby and dog. Although this is a time many mothers worry about, most dogs, though curious,will graciously accept this new being. With the previous pre-introduction suggestions firmly underway you should […]

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Getting Your Dog Ready For The Arrival Of Your Baby

There comes a time in many a  dog’s life, when he finds himself  being upstaged by the addition of a new baby to the family. If your dog has been the focus of all your attention, he may be somewhat surprised to find that he is will be sharing the limelight with this new, little […]

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