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A Boy and His Dog

  This photo of my friend’s grandson, Thomas,  and his dog, Charlie,  started me thinking about the first dogs in my life and my friendships with them.  I think the photo captures the essence of a boy and his playmate and the deep friendship they have. Our first dogs often leave deep and lasting impressions and shape all future […]

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Things I’ve Learned From My Dogs

I’m fortunate to have good friends who love dogs AND love to write ! Michelle Stark has expressed so well the many things she has learned from her dogs. She has also made me realize I have much to learn. My Lessons My dogs are smart. I know that I may be just a wee […]

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Fearful Dogs and Extinction

Lately I have been reading a lot about the neurobiology of fear. It is  unfortunate  that once conditioned fear is learned, it is fairly indelible. They are emotional memories and as such they are difficult to erase.  Yes, you can countercondition and that is somewhat effective, temporarily. It helps, but when it comes to fear in dogs, […]

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Dog Doting and Family Dynamics

Who out there hasn’t been stopped dead in their tracks when a family member, friend, or loved one can’t love and appreciate your dog to the extent you do? How can they  not see what he means to you and why? Why do they see him as a problem? Are You A Dog Doter? When […]

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Frisbee Flip – A Rescued Dog’s Passion

Rescue groups try to match the right dog with the right person or family, but it isn’t always easy. Sometimes a prospective parent chooses based solely on looks which can end in disaster.  Sometimes the decision is based on size, which can also easily end in disaster if the thought is that a small dog […]

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Rules For Post – Radiation Treatment Of Dogs and Cats Better Than For Humans?

  Increased radiation levels because of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have raised concerns and discussion about the safe and acceptable levels of radiation. Because of this I have been thinking about the discrepancy between the handling of pet patients who have received radioiodide therapy and humans who have received radioiodine treatment for thyroid […]

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Does Your Dog Shed? Is This A Solution?

Here is a new approach to the old problem of hair – covered chairs, blankets, pillows, food and clothes. A twist on the hairnet for those who do food – prep. They are made of a lightweight netting material that can be left on for hours and are called PetNets. The manufacturer claims that it will capture the dog  hair […]

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Dog Names – Some Funny. Some Formal. Some Profane.

Guest blogger, author and friend Michelle Stark, shares how she arrives at an appropriate dog name. How did you arrive at your dog’s name? Shakespeare queried, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other would smell as sweet.”  I find this to be very true.  Our dogs have multiple names; […]

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Check Out A Therapy Dog. Literally!

Therapy dogs are being appreciated these days in a wide variety of settings, from funeral homes to law school libraries. Yes, that’s right. You can now check out Monty from the Yale Law Library for up to 30 minutes. This is just a pilot program at the moment, but I could see this becoming a […]

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Training Tune – Up

I’ve emphasized to my students the need for a reliable recall – a word that makes Fido stop in his tracks, pivot, and run right back at you with legs moving faster than a dog’s tail in a meat market. Safety is my number one reason. If your dog is headed into the slow lane of […]

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