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Hot Dogs and Power Outages

It’s been hotter than bus station chili here in Austin. We have already had several days of over 90degrees here in central Texas. Those temperatures can take a toll on any dog but those brachycephalic breeds really have a difficult time. So I am looking for any ideas you have about beating the heat! Prevention […]

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Dog Books Galore

 I am always on the lookout for good books about dogs. I can’t seem to get my fill of them.  Lately I have been immersed in the more textbook like ones as I am studying for the Certified Behavior Consultant Canine  exam given by the CCPDT. I am currently reading “Applied Dog Behavior and Training” and words […]

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How To Cope with The Death of Your Dog

This is a hard one. Hard for me to think about and hard for me to write about, but as dog owners we likely will have to cope with this numerous times. It is the painful part of having a dog. If you have a short-lived breed then it probably entered into your decision to get […]

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Is Your Dog A Good Citizen?

  Does your dog sit politely for petting? Walk nicely on a leash through a crowd? Does he come when called? If so, he may be able to become a Canine Good Citizen! The AKC offers the Canine Good Citizen award which is becoming increasingly sought after for a number of reason. It is open […]

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Dogs, Shakespeare and The Things We Do For Love

Did Shakespeare ever write a part for a dog in his plays? That is, a dog character, not just a reference? Indeed he did. And I have had the opportunity to have two of my bulldogs play the part of Crab in Two Gentlemen Of Verona. The first time was about five years ago, and […]

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Agility – Virtually!

I think this is a great idea and it appears that the idea is gathering momentum.”Therapeutic agility” is based on the belief  that fearful and reactive dogs can benefit greatly from the exercise as well the focus that is required to do agility. Although this isn’t exactly a novel idea the “Valor Project” is.   While many reactive, fearful […]

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Is a Doggy Cam Right For You?

Is a Doggy Cam a good idea? We have all seen the prime-time news magazine stories showing tapes of neglectful or abusive nannies. Nanny Cams have become so ubiquitous most nannies feel that they are likely under watchful eyes at least some of the time. If you have hired a dog walker or dog sitter, […]

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A Cool Pool for a Cool Dog

I do hope my dogs never get wind of this, as I suspect I would have a mutiny on my hands. They have a lovely little blue plastic pool in the backyard which until now they have been very happy with. But Jan Arduini has made every effort to include her dog Scooter in all their […]

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A Texas Girl Goes Dog Sledding

Having been around dogs most of my life, I have been exposed, at least peripherally, to quite a few of the huge and ever-growing number of “dog sports.” But never dog sledding! So when my friend and fellow bulldog club member, Barbara Gattis,  came back from her trip to Colorado and regaled us with stories of […]

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