A Cool Pool for a Cool Dog

I do hope my dogs never get wind of this, as I suspect I would have a mutiny on my hands. They have a lovely little blue plastic pool in the backyard which until now they have been very happy with. But Jan Arduini has made every effort to include her dog Scooter in all their family activities. After hearing Jan’s story I have decided to upgrade. My guys will get a new plastic pool this summer in the shape of a bone. If they saw Scooter’s digs I would be in the dog house.

Jan and Scooter, who are in one of my classes,  are quick studies and  both clearly enjoy working together. Their partnership is deep and their adoration mutual. And while some people think I am over the top about my dogs, Jan makes me look moderate. Scooter, lucky duck that he is, enjoys his very own custom designed inground pool. How did this happen? Jan explains:

“My “children” have all mostly been pit bull rescues. I currently share a home with my husband and a wonderful little chocolate red nosed Pit named Scooter. My husband’s joke (at least I think he is joking) is that if the house ever catches on fire, he hopes I will at least wake him up, because he knows who I will run to save first !

I have a friend who just shakes her head. I am not sure whether it is in awe, disbelief or sympathy. She tells people: “Scooter has his own personal chauffer, an in-house chef, his custom designed pool, a designated chaise lounge by the pool, private tutor lessons year round for learning, a trendy wardrobe and sunglasses and has birthday parties that rival my own (human) child’s! All he needsnow  is a PONY”! Scooter also goes to weekend doggie slumber parties twice a month. We actually reserve these dates in advance and plan our “human” trips around them. Currently he is booked through October. Honestly.

The Issues

My husband and I love to entertain outside. I wanted Scooter to be able to participate in whatever parties or events we had outside. When we were designing our in-ground pool we had three dilemmas:

  •  I knew that we would spend quite a bit of time in the pool and I wanted Scooter to be in the pool with me – but I was concerned that he would somehow get in the deep end, get turned around and not be able to find his way out. Or even worse, have that happen when I was at work and not around to guide him to the shallow end.
  •  My husband wasn’t really keen on Scooter swimming around in the water when we had other guests in the pool. Having a 61 pound pit bull swimming at you could be a tiny bit intimidating if they did not know Scooter’s sweet nature.
  •  We also have young nieces and nephews and did not want Scooter swimming to join them on their floats as they drifted by. 

We thought about it and came up with what I thought was a perfect solution. The first step in our pool is 8 feet x 10 feet – and 6 inches deep. It is big enough for him to splash and bunny – hop around in it (and he does all the time) – but shallow enough that he can lie down in it, cool off and not be submerged. Scooter knows that this is “his” step and that he is only allowed there and  not in the rest of the pool. And yes, it definitely added to the cost to the pool.  That 8 ‘x 10’ step upgraded the pool dimensions to 40’ x 20’  which was much bigger than what we originally planned.  But now Scooter gets to join the family fun!

Is this little guy worth it? Absolutely! A warm snuggle on the couch, a sneaky little commando – crawl across the room to put his head on my lap and look up with his little ears laid back, a soft nuzzle for me after an exceptionally hard day. This little boy is definitely worth a custom step in the pool… and so, so much more…”

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3 Responses to “A Cool Pool for a Cool Dog”

  1. Michelle S 15. Apr, 2011 at 4:24 pm #

    I love it!! I have been telling Matt for years that when we finally put in a pool it will need to have one of those “beach entrances” where an edge of the pool gently slopes down into the water instead of having the hard, standard side. That way our bullies can enter the pool and get out easily. I love the 8X10 step! that is something I’m going to file in my brain for our pool! And I agree with Jan, it is absolutely worth it to have the most loyal, loving and fun friends enjoy and share in your outdoor activities!

  2. Elizabeth Deitz 18. Apr, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    I have this image in my head of you and your friends sitting around the pool sipping Mai Tai’s with a bevy of bulldogs in the pool! : )


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    [...] Scooter is a very special dog. He was fortunate to make the journey from a badly mauled 8 week old puppy to a much loved and pampered dog. Scooter was surrendered to a vet after his owners decided they would be unable to pay the large vet bill that would be necessary to patch the little thing up. It is hard to believe this was a part of his past, as he is a big, handsome, confident guy now. Scooter now enjoys all of his family’s activities, including swimming in his own specially designed, in-ground swimming pool. [...]

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