Agility – Virtually!

I think this is a great idea and it appears that the idea is gathering momentum.”Therapeutic agility” is based on the belief  that fearful and reactive dogs can benefit greatly from the exercise as well the focus that is required to do agility. Although this isn’t exactly a novel idea the “Valor Project” is.  

While many reactive, fearful or other special needs dogs often excel at agility, they are unable to compete in the traditional venues. The “ValorProject” offers an opportunity for these special needs dogs to compete and attain recognition for the skills virtually.

How Does This Work?

After your dog is competent on all the agility obstacles, your instructor can contact the project and get a facility approval form. Every month you receive a new test online with two standard courses and two jumpers courses at each level. You set up the agility course and video the run, which you then submit for review. After 3 qualifying scores at each level you will receive a certificate and you can then move to the next level.

It’s exciting that someone has spotted the need for something like this and stepped up to fill it.  There are so many dogs out there that are good candidates for agility and whose owner’s would love to get involved, except that…….(fill in the blank.) The reasons are so varied but it is not necessary to even have a reason as the Virtual Agility League is non-exclusive. So if you are already involved in agility but would like another venue and would enjoy you and your dog’s efforts being recognized then this may be a good fit.

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