Hot Dogs and Power Outages

It’s been hotter than bus station chili here in Austin. We have already had several days of over 90degrees here in central Texas. Those temperatures can take a toll on any dog but those brachycephalic breeds really have a difficult time. So I am looking for any ideas you have about beating the heat!


I have a great cooling mat, and a cooling collar. I keep the water bowls full and I know what to do in the event of overheating.

In The Event Of An Outage?

But one of my biggest fears is that my central air conditioner will go off for some reason while I am at work.  I have window units in storage just for that reason. But I worry about brown outs. Truly, with the heat we have in the summer, they could be dead by the time I get home. How would I know if there was a power outage? Any suggestions for that one? Am I just paranoid?  

 What is the coolest thing your dog does in the summer? What precautions have you taken?

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3 Responses to “Hot Dogs and Power Outages”

  1. Jan 29. Apr, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Well, we have a doggie door – Scooter can get outside if he needs to potty – or is he wants to stretch his legs, nap under a tree or go for a swim -Always the worry worm – I worried a fire would break out and i would not be there – now I know that he has at least one avenue to get out – I also found out one day when I had forgot to take the cover off – he actually knows how to pull the cover off the doggie door and let himself out – even better! :-)

  2. Elizabeth Deitz 29. Apr, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    Ahhh, Scooter is so spoiled!!!! I’ve considered the doggie door idea, but one of my white dogs is a sun worshiper and likes to go bask…and bake, in the sun.She’s not worried about wrinkles I guess! But I have to physically drag her in sometimes. I think she would lay there all day even when it is 95!

  3. Michelle S 29. Apr, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    Since I have the same breed type, I feel your concern, and no, that does not make us worry warts! Ironically, my solution for a fire, is the same for the power outage. We had an alarm system installed. Should a fire break out while we are not home, the alarm company notifies the fire department that we have 3 bulldogs and where their crates are located in our home. But, I also get notified when the power goes out, which allows me to get home and get them into a cooler situation as soon as possible. Matt makes fun of me, but it’s a solution that gives me peace of mind!

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