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What Is A Bully Stick?

Finding a special treat for your dog can be a confusing quest at times. And if you have a heavy chewer it is even more problematical because they can destroy or finish the object of desire so quickly. My dogs have a few favorites, none that last very long. But over and over again people […]

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Dogs and Owners Reunited Through Facebook and Twitter

As the post-tornado devastation continues in Joplin, Missouri, hope lies in the heart-warming stories of Joplin pet owners reuniting with the dogs or other pets they lost during the May 22 tornado.  One of the most remarkable stories is of Mason, a dog with two broken legs, and able only to crawl!  But it’s not […]

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Tricks Are Not Only For Kids

Tricks Get A Really Bad Rap   Sometimes dog “tricks” are dismissed  as mere tricks, but I’d like to argue that it is ALL tricks! I don’t believe dogs are capable of deciding or distinguishing between what is a trick and what is “obedience.” And it is a distinction that should be blurred in our […]

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More Dog Food Disappointments

They have to eat, but what is the best food? It really has become such a dilemma and a hot topic as well. Not only do we have to figure out what type of diet is best for our dogs, but then we have to find the brand with those ingredients, and then we have […]

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And You Thought He Was Color Blind

Popular wisdom use to hold that dogs were color blind. Now it is believed that their color spectrum probably only encompasses  yellow, blue and gray and that they are able to distinguish differences within those colors. If you would like to experience what the world looks like to Fido,there is even an app for that! Dogster […]

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Does Your Dog Make You Happier?

I was reading an article the other day that I came across on the opinion page of the New York Times. It is interesting as it presents a collection of articles that show mixed results  as far as the health benefits of owning a pet dog. For instance a Pew Research Report shows that pet owners […]

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Sick Leave and Your Dog

Although I didn’t take PTO or sick leave for my dog, I seriously considered it earlier this week. One of my girls was feeling under the weather. And it made me wonder how many people take sick leave for their dogs. After all, if we consider them family members as most of us do, why […]

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Money Saving Ideas at the Pet Store

Most of us these days are looking for ways to save. Whether at the gas pump, the grocery store or the pet store we are looking for EASY and PAINLESS ways to save. I often get caught up in the moment and run in to pick up a bag of food and come away with […]

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