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Teach Your Dog to Play The Slots

Gamblers Anonymous – and Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Join If the title makes it sound like I am promoting vice I apologize. But I am in some ways promoting gambling with your dog.   I have a dog in one of my classes who will do nothing unless his owner “shows him the money.” Hiding a […]

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Post Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day

Yesterday was “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day.” And what does that have to do with dogs you may ask? Quite a bit actually.  The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and many other dog or veteran related organizations joined a campaign, called “Dog Bless U.S.A.,” to raise awareness of the awesome healing and helping abilities that dogs can have […]

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Your Doppelganger/Doggelganger is Here

Just a little fun this Friday. Here is a site that will find your doggelganger. It is a great campaign in New Zealand to help promote adoptions by matching your facial features with those of a dog looking for a home. Based on the idea that we often look like our pets, it can use […]

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The Problem of Finding Help For Your Problem Dog

This morning I had the thrill of adding a few more initials after my name, those of CBCC – KA (Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed.) And while that was a thrill, what is more thrilling are the changes  happening in the profession of dog training.  And it is about time! History Until 2001 […]

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We Have A Winner!

Thanks for all the bits and pieces about your fathers. Everyone here at enjoyed reading them and more than a few times there were tears in the room. We randomly selected a winner…and our winner is Shelly! Congratulations Shelly! If you enjoyed this contest, let us know. What kind of contest would you like to […]

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Father’s Day Contest: Win $50!

The Bones of the Contest To mark Father’s Day we would like to hear from you.What  is your Dad’s most defining characteristic? Does he have a great sense of humor, or is he a great story teller? Maybe he has a great laugh or is a prankster? Leave a comment, brief or lengthy, and you will be […]

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How Do You Celebrate Your Dog’s Special Day?

Michelle Stark, writer, friend, and fellow pet parent, has shared some thoughts about the upcoming birthday of her eldest – Tank. Although I have heard of and even attended a few large  parties to celebrate a birthday, they are not really my style. Frankly, I am not sure that the celebrant really had a good […]

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