Your Doppelganger/Doggelganger is Here

Just a little fun this Friday. Here is a site that will find your doggelganger. It is a great campaign in New Zealand to help promote adoptions by matching your facial features with those of a dog looking for a home. Based on the idea that we often look like our pets, it can use either a photo you upload or your webcam.  Looking at various facial features, it checks its database of New Zealand dogs up for adoption.  Pedigree launched this website to promote adoptions. Pretty clever. Incidentally, if you’d like to see what your dog would like with dentures, and who wouldn’t, Pedigree can help you out with that! Go denture your dog but I’ll warn you that it is a bit unnerving.

I tried it several times. Make some crazy faces and see what it comes up with. My favorite match was to a white terrier mix with really wild hair and a very sweet expression. Hope it comes to the US soon.


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