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Do Dogs, Puppies and Kittens Do Yoga?

I don’t often actually mention product here but I can’t resist doing so today. Everytime I see these 2012 Calendars it brings a smile to my face! Behold the delights of digital photography brought to you by our animal loving friends at BrownTrout Publishers. Check them out! They are in high demand so if you […]

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Rally ’Round For Rally-O

I suspect you might be seeing a lot about Rally – O on this blog in the near future. I’m really excited about teaching a clicker Rally class soon and my posts will follow what we are doing class.   Rally Obedience is a relatively new sport with the AKC adding it to their roster of […]

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Subtle Dog Humor (for the dog savvy)

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Calling All Cookie Monsters and Treat Whores

“Me want Cookie! Me eat Cookie! Om nom nom nom. …Me want Cookie. Me eat Cookie” etc. Does this sound like your dog? Or does Fido fail to put out unless you show ‘em the money? In response to a post I wrote last week, Cyndi wrote “Great article! What about phasing off treats completely? At […]

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A Protein is a Protein is a Protein

A story on NPR  has me wondering about the direction that feeding our dogs may eventually take.  When you look at the history of providing victuals for our dogs, there have been, just as there have been with humans,  fads, sometimes based on new research but more often based on economy and availability. Though dry […]

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