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Attention? Oh Please!

After reading an article in the Guardian concerning humans and “attention blindness” I have started to think more about what may occur with reactive dogs who are “over threshold.” The article referred to the results of a recent study undertaken whereby people were asked whether they felt they would take notice of something significant that […]

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Cool Off With a Bit Of Canine Art

Surrounding yourself with art that is significant to you can truly lift your spirits. In Texas we are in the dog days of summer with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for over 20 days straight. It can get a East Coast girl down! So when I stumbled upon a really beautiful painting of a young girl […]

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Training Deaf Dogs

We often think of deaf dogs as having a limitation. But there is very little that  a deaf dog can’t dog if you are creative. All dogs do what works and deaf dogs are no different. They offer the same behaviors as hearing dogs. But communicating to them that some of their behaviors are more […]

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