Cool Off With a Bit Of Canine Art

Surrounding yourself with art that is significant to you can truly lift your spirits. In Texas we are in the dog days of summer with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for over 20 days straight. It can get a East Coast girl down! So when I stumbled upon a really beautiful painting of a young girl and two dogs on the beach it made me crave some time on some body of water with my dogs. But I will have to content myself with images of others  enjoying the water!

“Girl With Two Dogs at Low Tide” by Kathryn Freeman is the original painting that sparked this longing for cool water and a breeze.  Just looking at it helps me cool down!

Molly A. Poole’s small painting of a dog cooling off brings to mind the joy a hot dog can take in even a small pool of water! I spotted Molly’s work at the Canine Art Guild site which represents many different artists, using watercolors, oils, and pastels depicting our favorite subject. For many water-themed works of art, take some time to poke around in the Sporting Breeds section.

And this 2012 calendar sports two dogs on the cover enjoying the beach, apparently after surfing. Although we take credit for teaching our dogs, who hasn’t learned a few lessons from them on the way? “What Dogs Teach Us 2012 Wall Calendar”  starts in September so you can get a head start! Go to for this and many other 2012 dog breed calendars.

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