Kids with Asperger’s Need Your Vote

Austin Rocks!

We are very lucky in Austin to have one of the most innovative and inspiring approaches to helping kids with Asperger’s learn and practice social skills. But to take this program to the next level, and to be able to help many more children, your help is needed.

K9 Club – Autism

The program, called K9 Club – Autism  uses therapy dogs as a basis for teaching social skills. Every aspect of the curriculum and facility is designed to help kids with Asperger’s acquire and hone social skills. And they have a great time doing it!

For most children, reading social cues comes quite easily.  But children with Asperger’s need to be taught this, and in a very special way and in a very supportive environment.  Working with these specially trained dogs children are able to practice and in a way that is positive. After all, dogs are natural magnets for children. And in a socially complex world, having the opportunity to practice the social skills necessary to interact comfortably is important. The specially trained staff facilitates the interactions and guides the interactions with these non-judgemental and loving dogs. It is a miraculous thing to watch!

Pepsi Refresh Grant

K9  Club – Autism hopes to win 50K to grow this program with a grant from Pepsi. By  working with the University of Texas to document the curriculum and their successes it  will be possible to share with other organizations. It’s super easy to cast a vote! Just click here and you will be able to show your support  for this cutting – edge approach.

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