Dating and Your Dog

Is your dog a “speed dater?” Or is he likely to spend the time to get to know his or her play date well?

Does she flit from dog to dog, happy to stick to the superficial? Or would she prefer meeting someone with similar athletic interests and abilities? Does she look for someone with a keen interest in chasing down that stick and bringing it back? Or maybe  settling down for some shared couch time? Maybe do a crossword puzzle together?

A new online dating service, MatchPuppy, now in beta, is available for you and yours if you live near NYC.  There is Lulu  who “loves to play with dogs of all sizes” and then there is Cheidd who (won’t be friends with anyone.”) When creating an account for your dog you are asked about your dog’s energy level and play style, as well as favorite parks and then you able to set up a play date or join an already existing  group.

I like this approach to arranging play dates because it recognizes that not all dogs are “the life of the party” or “love everybody.” There are those that are wallflowers and those that are brazen hussies and trollops. And finding the right match can be  a crapshoot.  Anything that helps narrow the playing field is a step in the right direction.

But then again, sometimes there is just no explaining it! Just crazy chemistry!




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