Dogs Bite

It’s a fact – they all have teeth and they are all capable of biting at some time, under some circumstance. Most choose not to bite humans. Hallelujah. But since this was Dog Bite Prevention Week the media has been flooded with stories, many alarming, about dog bites and maulings, both of which are on the rise.

As our cities grow, so grows the dog population. And in cities with shelters striving to be no-kill, so grows the number of dogs adopted.  In many cities, shelters with no-kill policies loosen their fees and requirements in the spring when the pet population really blooms in order to place more dogs.  Is this a good thing? Or could more leniency lead to more bite incidences?

Some experts make a pretty good argument for tightening the licensing procedures by requiring  that you pass a test. And if you are licensing a breed considered dangerous, there would be additional questions.

What do you think about a law requiring you to not only license your dog, but to pass a test? Too much regulation? Would people actually take a test? And how would that be enforced, when leash laws aren’t even enforced? Have any better ideas?





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