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DINOSaurs,Dogs, and Bubbles

What’s the link between DINOSaurs, dogs and bubbles? There really is one! When I am preparing to teach a class to trainers, even if I have taught it before, I always poke around on the internet just to see if there is anything new related to what I am teaching. But this time around, I […]

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Funny Dog Photo!

Someone needs a helping hand!

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Does Your Dog Smell?

If you live with something noxious long enough, you become inured to it. So when I have really close friends over, I often ask “Does it smell doggie in here?” My circle of friends is, apparently, very candid and subscribe accordingly to the “honesty is the best policy” principle. Consequently, I have tested nearly every […]

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Will Pet Dogs Vanish?

There are two recent developments/articles that have made me wonder about the future of dogs in our lives. The first was an article in the New York Times Magazine which reviewed 32 innovations that they suggest will change your life.  Included in this list was something called “smart fur,” an invention by researchers at the […]

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DIY Dog Containment

There are many reasons you may want to contain your dog. If you don’t want to crate him, but still want to limit access to the entire house, you may decide to use a gate. I have used a variety of gates and have never been entirely happy with them.  For the most part, they […]

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Five Summertime Tips Your Dog Will Thank Me For

Sharing summertime fun with our canine pals brings its own set of issues and problems. Here are five tips to keep them safe. 1. When swimming, remember that many dogs will swim till they sink!  Either have a life jacket on them keep your eyes glued on them and just like children, you may need […]

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