Five Summertime Tips Your Dog Will Thank Me For

Sharing summertime fun with our canine pals brings its own set of issues and problems. Here are five tips to keep them safe.

1. When swimming, remember that many dogs will swim till they sink!  Either have a life jacket on them keep your eyes glued on them and just like children, you may need to call them out of the water for a rest time.

2. Provide water and plenty of it! During the summer, when I leave the house in the morning for work, I always make sure that my guys have enough water in case the air conditioner should conk out while I’m gone. This happened to me once so I am a little paranoid about it.

3. Many dogs enjoy a quick spritz from the spray bottle when they are outside. Understand that dogs cool by panting and as the humidity varies, so will your dogs ability to cool off by panting. And those dogs with short noses are even more handicapped as far as cooling off efficiently. And don’t forget the cool new cooling apparel and blankets. They really work!

4. Think sunscreen! Especially if your dog hasn’t much hair on those tender parts. The tips of their ears and the top of their nose burns easily. Just like humans, dog can get skin cancer. Save money and skip the dog – specific sunscreens and find a PABA-free sunscreen made for humans. Your dog may not thank you, but your pocketbook will.

5. Make sure you know the signs of heatstroke. Non-stop panting, lethargy and weakness, staggering, glazed eyes and bright red gums are all signs that you should get your dog cooled off and to your vet or an emergency vet clinic. Thousands of dogs die every year needlessly. Don’t let yours be one of them.



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