DIY Dog Containment

There are many reasons you may want to contain your dog. If you don’t want to crate him, but still want to limit access to the entire house, you may decide to use a gate.

I have used a variety of gates and have never been entirely happy with them.  For the most part, they are not very attractive. If they are attractive , they are usually expensive.

Here is my solution. It is a small DIY project that anyone can do and it could turn your laundry room, bathroom or bedroom into a safe place with a few more amenities than a crate. Though I have nothing against crating a dog, especially a puppy, my dogs are now older dogs, and while I don’t want to give them complete freedom I don’t need to crate them either.  This solution  also allows them to look out as the plexiglass sheet is transparent.

In a nutshell, it is a 1/4 thick piece of plexiglass (which you can find and have cut at Home Depot) which slides down into a slot that is created by nailing a piece of molding to the door frame. I think this photo will make it clearer. You can see the slot that was created. I simply slide the Plexiglass down into the slot and voila!

And what I really love about this solution is that it is barely noticeable when not in use if you stain the molding to match the frame.

For less than $30 I have contained my dogs with an attractive solution which is barely noticeable when not in use.


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