Does Your Dog Smell?

If you live with something noxious long enough, you become inured to it. So when I have really close friends over, I often ask “Does it smell doggie in here?” My circle of friends is, apparently, very candid and subscribe accordingly to the “honesty is the best policy” principle. Consequently, I have tested nearly every air freshener, of every variety and have settled on two that work miracles. But first and foremost, before attempting “destinkification” of your dog and domicile, it is important to poke around with your nose a little.

What Can You Do If You Have a Stinky Dog?

  • Locate and identify the smell – Just the basics. For instance, which end of the dog smells?
  • Identify the cause if at all possible. Did your dog have a good ol’ roll in the deer do? An encounter, perhaps, with a skunk?
  • Rule out, with the help of your vet, any health issues that may be causing the problem. This is important because odors are frequently the first tip off that something is amiss. Many health problems cause odors.  For example, halitosis can indicate dental disease, which can also be related to heart problems.  Ear infections can be both stinky and extremely painful. Yeast infections on the skin also produce a distinctive odor. And of course, there is just plain old flatulence, more so an issue with some breeds than with others. In addition to ruling out dental disease, kidney disease and various infections, your vet will also check out the anal sacs.
  • Eliminate the cause. I know – easier said than done, and not always possible.

But Then What?

If all medical conditions have been crossed off the list, he has had a good long bath, and the car, house, dog beds, etc. have all been washed and the odor still persists there are two products that I have found helpful. The first is for your home and is the age-old Lampe Berger Oil Lamp. Spoil Alert…these are not cheap! But they last a lifetime.

These have an interesting history. They where developed by a French doctor in the late 1800′s and were used extensively in hospitals. Over time, they were used less in this situation, and more in the home. A couple of famous designers, Lalique and Galle for instance, added style, panache and elegance to the designs and they became popular as conveyors of fragrance. And convey they do! These little instruments pack a wallop of a fragrance , belying their small size. And don’t go for the less expensive oils. Stick with the Lampe Berger oil as it is well worth the price. After 20 minutes your home will no longer be dog-scented.  It will be strictly your choice. Perhaps the scent of an orange grove, morning dew or ocean breeze appeals to you?

Unfortunately, you can’t really take your Lampe Berger in the car. But you can hang one of these adorable Air Fresheners from your rear view mirror! Have a Schnauzer? We’ve got a cute air freshener to dangle from your mirror But maybe you have a Boxer? Well, we’ve got one of those too! You say your dog is not a purebred? You’re a lucky puppy because we have two styles that might appeal to you.They smell great, look cute, and are priced so you can stock up on them. And best of all they will abolish that doggie smell with style and panache!


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2 Responses to “Does Your Dog Smell?”

  1. Michelle Stark 22. Jun, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    Salt candles work well too. I love mine and asked my mom for more so I could put more than one around the house. They burn lovely and are environtmentally friendly. They don’t smell, they just eliminate odors.

  2. Elizabeth Deitz 05. Jul, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    I’ve never heard of “salt candles.” I will have to google that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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