DINOSaurs,Dogs, and Bubbles

What’s the link between DINOSaurs, dogs and bubbles? There really is one!

When I am preparing to teach a class to trainers, even if I have taught it before, I always poke around on the internet just to see if there is anything new related to what I am teaching. But this time around, I found not something new, but something I totally missed! It’s unfortunate because this is a useful concept.

Students in my Barking & Growling Dog classes have heard me refer to a dog’s “bubble” or “personal space.” Just as some people know no boundaries and may make other uncomfortable,  some dogs do as well.  People and dogs both can have varying needs as far as “personal space” is concerned.  There are those among us, and those dogs among us as well who have very very large “bubbles.” It is sometimes difficult to express you dog’s need for space when a stranger in the park comes hurtling towards you with an eager greeter on leash!

I have been known to send a few people and dogs scuttling backwards after I have shouted my handy warning “My dog has mange and it is very contagious!” It works quite well.

But Jessica Dolce  of  Notes From A Dog Walker fame, has an even better, more elegant solution.  Her t-shirts proudly proclaim “My dog needs space.”

As she says “they are not bad dogs…they just need space.”

So well put. You can find her on Facebook or better yet, take a look at her blog.

Is your dog  a DINOS (Dog In Need of Space)?

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