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Wallaroo and Dingo Tango

  A long time ago I was studying for an exam on the evolution of the dog and dingoes were mentioned briefly.They interested me but I didn’t pursue it any further. When I recently stumbled upon this video I decided it was a good time to learn a bit more about them. Dingoes are wild […]

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Dog Dock Diving

It’s summer and we’re hot down here in Texas. And when we are hot, thoughts  turn to water. Watch this very short video to see a great example of the sport.     Here is a water sport that nearly everyone can enjoy if they have a dog that enjoys the water. Dock Dog competition […]

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We are Eight Years Old! just  turned eight years old. And yes, there were presents. Lots and lots of presents! We were delighted that our giveaway to non-profits fell on our birthday, so we actually celebrated by gifting others. And a very good time was had by all! The Austin Humane Society was represented by three wonderful, hard working volunteers, Kassee, […]

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Dog Play

How Dogs Show They Were “Just Kidding” Most of us have come home to an excited dog, happy to see us, who offers multiple “play bows.”  With forelegs extended, tail wagging,  and butt in the air it seems to be an invitation to “come play.” One can also initiate this oneself by mimicking our dogs. […]

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