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Dog Flipping – What Is It?

I have been hearing anecdotes about “dog flipping” for quite some time. But I thought they were rare and “one offs.” Apparently as the economy worsens more people are turning to this practice to make money. Seller Beware Simply put, “dog flipping” is when someone acquires a dog fraudulently by misrepresenting themselves as a permanent […]

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Shame On You! Dogshaming on tumblr

“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.”  ~Mark Twain On the one hand I generally agree with the quote above.  I like to think of my dog as a gentlemen. But as one of the funniest  tumblr blogs I have seen, “Dogshaming” reminds us, we are clearly sharing […]

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Great Colorful Dog Breed Restickable Calendars!

I don’t often talk about products here, but I am really excited about these new and unique re – stickable dog breed calendars for 2013. These will go fast, so pre – order yours now. They would make a great gift for that dog breed owner has EVERYTHING – because they won’t have these! Over […]

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Great Gadgets for Dogs

Leia Gets the Lay of the Land Ever wonder what your dog is experiencing as they run  in the park? Or shop for a new toy? Here are two gadgets that may help. Leia is modeling the GoPro – an easy to mount and operate camera, at a reasonable price.   I love this video […]

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What Is Your Dog Thinking?

Who among us has not wondered occasionally what our dog is thinking?  Or feeling? I have wondered  that often, sometimes with befuddlement. At times I have felt like shouting “What are you THINKING?.” For example, when the front door is open yet my girl stares deeply into my eyes while peeing on the rug. Or […]

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