Dog Flipping – What Is It?

I WISH this was what "dog flipping" was!

I have been hearing anecdotes about “dog flipping” for quite some time. But I thought they were rare and “one offs.” Apparently as the economy worsens more people are turning to this practice to make money.

Seller Beware

Simply put, “dog flipping” is when someone acquires a dog fraudulently by misrepresenting themselves as a permanent caregiver but with the intention of selling the dog or puppy later for a profit.  They prey on unsuspecting people who believe they have found a “forever home” for their puppy or dog.

There are several  Facebook pages dedicated to making people more aware of this nasty trend.  If you click on “The List”  you will find offenders listed with their emails and contacts.

The good news is that these people are actually being sentencedThe Citizens Against Flipping Dogs has very current news on these cases.

Typically these people post a sad story about having lost a beloved dog. They say something like “It’s really hard to find one because I cannot afford a re-homing fee or adoption fee at this time because I am currently out of work…Please someone help me find another good loving dog like my Lillie. I promise that I will do everything to love and care for a new dog. ”  This is an actual excerpt from a Craigslist ad.


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