Worldwide Winklemania

WWW – Worldwide Winklemania

Since his 2001 debut, Mr. Winkle’s fan base has increased exponentially. An internet sensation for over ten years, Mr. Winkle has finally broken the glass ceiling  between kitschy- cute and contemporary art.  The “cutest dog in the world” has had his very own calendar yearly beginning in 2001 and now the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is exhibiting  over 60 photographs, taken by Lara Jo Regan , a documentary photographer and parent to Mr. Winkle.

The exhibit, entitled   “Mr. Winkle: Object of Projection – Photographs by Lara Jo Regan” explores the  process of transforming kitsch to fine art. Lara’s award winning character portraiture sheds light on her artistry and approach to Mr. Winkle as muse.

Is it cute? Is it kitsch? Is it art?  If it leads us to ponder the mysterious connection between human and dogs, does is matter?

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