Pet Friendly Domestic Violence Shelters

While reading a touching story about a program that helped  an elderly hospitalized woman have visits from her beloved litle dog, I discovered  another aspect of that same program.

The Florida Keys SPCA’s “Faith Program” also assists people who are victims of domestic abuse and are in need of a temporary shelter for their pet. Victims of domestic abuse often chose not to leave an abusive situation because it would mean leaving their beloved pet behind. With their own future situations unclear, they often cannot provide adequate care and accommodations for their dog.  Though some women’s shelters are now able to offer shelter for pets it is still uncommon. Aside from the problem of just having sufficient room for pets, there are less obvious problems.  Liability, allergies, barking and fear of other residents are just a few.

As  dog owners we all recognize the emotional support that dogs can provide. It is hard to imagine a situation in which one would want and need their beloved pet more than when trying to leave an abusive situation.

If this is a need that you feel moved to address, or for more general information, there are a few sites that may be helpful.

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