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The Ticklish Issue of Dominance

There are many trainers who base their dog training methods on a mistaken interpretation of some research done in the 60’s involving captive grey wolves, dominance and “the pack.“ These beliefs have become so entrenched in popular culture that while getting to know a new client I make it a point to find out where […]

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Made In The USA – Meet the Chinook

The Chinook is a newly recognized, rare and fascinating breed, bringing the total number of AKC recognized breeds to 177. The story of this breed is touching and historic and is one of the truly American breeds.* In 1896 a young man named Arthur Walden left his job on a New Hampshire farm for the […]

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New Ways To Exercise Your Dog

Find The Balance Between Mental and Physical Stimulation Does your dog have a weight problem? Is he the perfect weight…but just too short? Canine obesity is rampant. And losing weight by exercising regularly is one of the most popular and frequently broken New Year’s resolutions, so this year I am aiming low. I hereby resolve to meet […]

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Favorite Dog Story of 2012

 One of my favorite dog stories of the year made my short list because of the brouhaha that it caused and the attention it drew to the communication  between species as well as the courage and integrity of those involved. The story began with the incredible rescue by a fireman of the dog Max, who […]

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