Quick Tip: How To Use Gooey Treats For Training

An important component when you are training your dog, is the immediate and timely rewarding of good behavior. With some dogs this is simply a scratch behind the ears, a toss of the ball or a few kind words.  But for the majority, when training NEW behaviors, the reward must be of a higher value.  Typically, a semi-moist tiny treat is used.

Keeping in mind the training tenet “the subject dictates the rewards,” we occasionally have the dog who shuns those handy treats but will adore the less handy peanut butter, or some sort of soft food.

But when out and about on the town training your dog, using these less than user-friendly treats can be problematical.

Now what are we to do? Grab that ketchup bottle. Make an easily dispensed mush of whatever it is your dog finds rewarding, stuff it in the ketchup bottle and you now have an easy to handle way to give him a little lick of that cherished treat. Using a blender, I have managed to do this with liver, peanut butter and even tuna. Just add water until you have a consistency that is manageable.

Let your dog’s imagination guide you!

For more ideas on rewards and how to use them effectively, and wean them off, read “Calling All Cookie Monsters and Treat Whores.”

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