Does Your Dog Do Halloween?

It is that time of year again, when the search is on for the perfect Halloween get up for our charges. begins If you, like so many of us, think that your dog is cuter in costume then now is the time to begin shopping or sewing.

Why We Do What We Do

What, I wonder, is the motivation for this? Did we not have sufficient time playing with Barbie and Ken as children? Celebrating with our dogs is something we do regularly from doggy birthday parties to Christmas. We include and exalt them, so why not Halloween. Fourteen thousand years of living with us has made them tolerant of our silly ways, and some, though not all, are at least tolerant.

The Sky Is The Limit

Aside from safety and comfort, what other factors should we take into consideration? Some of the funniest ones rely on the contrast between the size of the dog and the nature of the costume. It is somehow amusing to see a Chihuahua dressed as a lion or a mastiff as a mouse. Others choose to emphasize some physical aspect of their dog. Witness the dachshunds dressed as hotdogs. And then there are those that live vicariously and choose a costume based on their own aspirations. Perhaps dogs dressed as princesses or fighter pilots would fall in this camp. And of course sheer availability may enter into your choice as well. Some breeds are just difficult to fit with an off-the-shelf costume and have limited selection.


So if you are game to join in, and Fido is as well, look around the web for inspiration. Every year it seems there are new costumes available, and new variations on old themes. One character that inspires me is Zelda, who seemingly dresses up on a daily basis. With words to the wise, her audacious costumes and daily advice make me smile.


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