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Chagas Disease and Your Dog

At a dog show this past weekend I had a conversation with someone whose dog had been diagnosed with and treated for Chagas disease. This is a zoonotic parasite which means that it can be shared with humans and since I live closely with my dogs any zoonotic disease, such as giardia, Lyme Disease, West […]

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Your Dog’s DNA – Why It Matters, Or Does It?

“Who’s Your Daddy?” With Mother’s Day just past and Father’s Day on the horizon, discussing your dog’s genetic background seems appropriate. If you want to do a background check, and find out what sort of relatives your dog may be  hiding, this is the time to order that DNA kit, grab a QTip,  and wrestle […]

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New Hope for Dogs with Spinal Injuries Using Nose Cells

Researchers at Cambridge University have created quite a stir using nose cells to treat spinal injuries in dogs. There are, sadly, several breeds that have higher incidences of spinal problems than others. These are typically the longer-backed dogs like Dachshunds and Bassets, and the giant breeds but there are other breeds as well. These breeds in […]

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Great Gadgets for Dogs

Leia Gets the Lay of the Land Ever wonder what your dog is experiencing as they run  in the park? Or shop for a new toy? Here are two gadgets that may help. Leia is modeling the GoPro – an easy to mount and operate camera, at a reasonable price.   I love this video […]

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Wallaroo and Dingo Tango

  A long time ago I was studying for an exam on the evolution of the dog and dingoes were mentioned briefly.They interested me but I didn’t pursue it any further. When I recently stumbled upon this video I decided it was a good time to learn a bit more about them. Dingoes are wild […]

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Rules For Post – Radiation Treatment Of Dogs and Cats Better Than For Humans?

  Increased radiation levels because of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have raised concerns and discussion about the safe and acceptable levels of radiation. Because of this I have been thinking about the discrepancy between the handling of pet patients who have received radioiodide therapy and humans who have received radioiodine treatment for thyroid […]

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I was slightly alarmed this morning after reading the dog-related headlines, especially The Week’s headline – Why Loving Your Dog Too Much Is Dangerous. Previously I thought of myself as one of those fringe people, the canine parent equivalent of the “helicopter parent” but I never thought of it as particularly dangerous. I do sleep […]

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Tweet With Your Dog and Live Longer

Occasionally writing this blog takes me to some weird places and this was one such occasion. It seems that science supports the notion that e-interactions and canine interactions may be as affective as “real” relationships in helping us to live longer and more happily.  Social Connections and Health It has been well-documented that low levels of social interaction […]

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Dogs, Truffles and Sex

A little bit of science, a little bit of history, and of course dogs. There is a set of steroids produced by boars which is found in their saliva before mating and which sows find very, very attractive in boy boars. Can you guess where two of the 16 steroids found in boar saliva are also […]

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What Is The Best Gift For A Puppy?

Socialization - A Time Sensitive Gift To Your Puppy Many of us will find ourselves giving gifts to our dogs and puppies this holiday season. But if you have a puppy or will be getting one soon, please consider giving the very inexpensive but  most important gift of all – early and appropriate socialization. This is […]

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