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Is My Dog Smart?

Dog intelligence is a difficult thing to measure and is also a difficult thing to talk about, especially if you have one of those breeds that isn’t even close to the top of any one’s list of intelligent dogs. IQ Tests Even though we have been at it since 1904, we have not established a universally accepted IQ […]

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Mice Can Detect Avian Flu. Can Dogs?

  At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society a paper was presented showing that  trained mice were exceptional at detecting the bird flu among ducks and with an amazing success rate!  There are three aspects of the story that fascinate me. Trained mice are more accurate  than any instruments yet developed to detect this flu Species-jumping diseases […]

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Will The Family Dog Help Your Child Learn To Be Compassionate?

The Numbers When people start throwing numbers around they generally lose my attention. If you are the same way, please bear with me a moment while I astound you with this number – 71.4 million!  That is the number of households in the US that own a pet. The percentage of households in the US […]

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Using Your Dog’s Waste As A Power Source

Having multiple dogs I am always interested in hearing how others deal with dog issues, and especially the issue of picking up after them. I don’t rank it as one of my favorite chores – yet. But if doing it actually saved me money and powered say, my refrigerator, I would feel differently about it. […]

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Q: What Do You Do About Bedbugs? A: Get A Beagle

More and more stories are appearing about the prevalence  and increase of bedbugs in the US .  New York City has even set aside a half million dollars to deal with the pesky pests who have infested the Empire State Building, a theater, a district attorney’s office, and even an upscale lingerie store. Is nothing […]

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Kibble, Kids, and Salmonella Contamination

An interesting article appeared in the New York Times recently linking, they said, for the first time, salmonella infections in children and kibble. These cases occured between 2006 and 2008 and involved, among others, 32 children under the age of 2. I was a bit puzzled by the story, because I didn’t think it is the first […]

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Effects of Human Affection Endure Many Days For Shelter Dogs

In a very interesting column that appeared in Scientific American recently by Jesse Bering, I came across some references to a few studies regarding the human-dog bond.  The article was mainly about the ability of stray dogs in Sofia, Bulgaria to follow a human’s gesture of pointing. While those findings where very interesting, what really […]

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Does Your Dog Yawn When You Do?

Many people feel that their dogs empathize with them when they are sick or troubled. But now there is scientific evidence to support this! This is really an important breakthrough for lots of reasons and if nothing else should convince the skeptics out there that there is at least a possibility that our dogs empathize. […]

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How Your Dog Makes Sense Of Scents

What does your dog have in common with Jennifer Lopez? Perhaps an awful lot. Lopez once said “I judge people by how they smell, not by how they look.” I’m not saying Lopez is a dog, but she certainly shares this attitude with them. And this gift of smell may account for why we sometimes […]

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The Science of Why You Love Your Dog

If you are reading this, then I am probably bloggin’ to the choir. Most of us recognize that our love for our pets is deep and perhaps a bit of a mystery to us and others. I am often reminded of this when I explain how I don’t sleep very well unless I have my dog  […]

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