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Made In The USA – Meet the Chinook

The Chinook is a newly recognized, rare and fascinating breed, bringing the total number of AKC recognized breeds to 177. The story of this breed is touching and historic and is one of the truly American breeds.* In 1896 a young man named Arthur Walden left his job on a New Hampshire farm for the […]

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Sick Leave and Your Dog

Although I didn’t take PTO or sick leave for my dog, I seriously considered it earlier this week. One of my girls was feeling under the weather. And it made me wonder how many people take sick leave for their dogs. After all, if we consider them family members as most of us do, why […]

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Dog Books Galore

 I am always on the lookout for good books about dogs. I can’t seem to get my fill of them.  Lately I have been immersed in the more textbook like ones as I am studying for the Certified Behavior Consultant Canine  exam given by the CCPDT. I am currently reading “Applied Dog Behavior and Training” and words […]

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Freud, Your Dog and You

This time of year we reflect on the past, and make great plans for the future. As I was pondering the past year, my curiosity about the “past” of “pet therapy” was sparked. Poking around a bit, I came across some interesting stories about the roots of “animal assisted therapy.” On The Couch Freud apparently […]

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Is My Dog Smart?

Dog intelligence is a difficult thing to measure and is also a difficult thing to talk about, especially if you have one of those breeds that isn’t even close to the top of any one’s list of intelligent dogs. IQ Tests Even though we have been at it since 1904, we have not established a universally accepted IQ […]

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Decorating Tips for Dog Parents

Reading Rod’s GoPetFriendly post earlier this week  gave me food for thought. Go read it if you want a good hardy chuckle. He wrote about living with two large, hairy dogs in a Winnebago. I haven’t met Rod, but I must say I think he is a fearless man. Two people, two dogs and 200-square-feet […]

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Remember War Dogs On Memorial Day

It’s not surprising that man’s best friend has assisted the military in many ways. Starting with WWI,dogs, mainly German Shepherds, have been used as scouts, trackers, sentries, and for the detection of mines and booby traps. The United States War Dogs Association tells the stories of these dogs who have been used in the military in […]

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